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Mar 28.2023
GKGD’s COB New Display Project Launching Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony of the Shenzhen R&D Base Experimental Factory were held grandly.
On March 28th, GKGD held the launching ceremony for COB new display project in Changzhi, Shanxi province, China. The project is fully in the charge of Shanxi Hi-Tech Shixiang Technology Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of GKGD. At the same time, the experimental factory of Shenzhen R & D Base invested by Nanye Group also held an unveiling ceremony.

Facing the continuous updates and iterations of products, GKGD aims at the forefront technology of new display and confronts the difficulties head-on. In this regard, GKGD conducts in-depth research in the Yangtze River Delta, and introduces professional technology teams from the Pearl River Delta to connect the upstream and downstream industrial chainGKGD will continue to grow, strengthen, and optimize, with the goal of achieving an industrial output value exceeding $1,389,350,000(10 billion yuan) within two years.

To achieve this goal, while continuously speeding up the production and expansion of existing encapsulation and display projects,GKGD accelerated the investment and construction of new projects. Shanxi Hi-Tech Shixiang Technology Co.,Ltd, established during the unveiling ceremony, focuses on the development and production of new display panel technologies and products, which will open a new chapter in the high-speed and high-quality development of GKGD's new display project in the industrial chain.

GKGD invested around $833,610,000(6 billion yuan) in COB new display project, which is divided into two phases of construction. After the completion of production, Shanxi Hi-Tech Shixiang Technology Co.,Ltd will achieve an annual output value of $1,389,350,000(10 billion yuan), provide more than 3000 jobs, and become the largest LED production base in China.

Simultaneously, the experimental factory at the Shenzhen R & D Base invested by Nanye Group also held an unveiling ceremony, which is located in the core area of Shenzhen World Exhibition &Convention Center , with a total area of 5000 square meters of workshops and offices. As a center for exchange of foreign technology and products of high-tech LED, it will undertake important functions, such as cutting-edge technology research, overseas market development, Pearl River Delta business docking, and industrial information research of high-tech group.Besides, Shenzhen R & D Base Experimental Factory also act as a “engine” for high-tech group to achieve high-quality development in the future.

The success of two unveiling ceremonies is not only a firm undertaking of the enterprise’s past development goals, but also a strong commitment to future development. In the future, GKGD will continuously uphold the spirit of  pioneering and hard work, further strengthen and expand the LED industry , achieve the goal of $1,389,350,000(10 billion yuan) industrial development, create a centenary of GKGD, and work hard to realize a good and happy life for more than 6,000 employees of the enterprise!
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