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Sep 08.2022
GKGD at the SIGN ISTANBUL exhibition in Istanbul

The High Asia-Europe Bridge, Bosphorus Strait, hot air balloons in Cappadocia and Pamukkale are the beautiful sights that only Turkey has a chance to see... Istanbul, as the largest city in Turkey, is a political, economic and cultural center. As the entrance to the Black Sea and the transportation hub between Europe and Asia, the strategic position is extremely important. It is not only a pearl shared by the two continents of Europe and Asia, but also a world-famous tourist destination and one of the bustling international metropolises.

On September 8th, the 23rd Turkey Advertising Exhibition SIGN ISTANBUL was grandly held in Istanbul TÜYAP Exhibition and Conference Center. Richard Lee, general manager of GKGD International Trading Company, went to the scene and brought a variety of indoor and outdoor, fine pitch products, creative display products and innovative technology solutions to the exhibition.Together with our Turkish distributors, we brought a feast of distinctive LED lights and shadows to the audience.

As the largest advertising technology and outdoor equipment exhibition in Turkey, SIGN ISTANBUL will be held for 4 days and will attract exhibitors and sellers from other countries such as Europe, Africa, Asia, America, the Middle East, CIS countries and the Balkans. The number of exhibitors can reach 23,000, and there are more than 900 exhibiting brands.

GKGD is located in the center of the exhibition. The creative series of fine pitch display screen, the LED flexible module display with a sense of technology, and the naked eye 3D screen to create an immersive feeling... Let the audience experience the fun and charm of display application in different scenes in an immersive way. In front of the booth, many exhibitors and visitors came to see and inquire about the performance of the products in detail.

Through this exhibition, we can have a deep understanding of the international market development trend and user demand, and take a solid step for the enterprise market expansion and brand promotion. In recent years, the rapid development of GKGD in the Turkish market is inseparable from competitive products, professional services and perfect delivery capabilities... GKGD will strengthen innovation, make good screens, and continue to create value for customers, so that China screen light up every corner of the world!

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